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Registration Form

I hereby request the principal to register the name of my son/daughter/ward for place in the school without any assurance whatsoever; the decision of the school being final and binding. I enclose hereby the Registration Fee including cost of the Prospectus Rs. 800/- which, I understand, will not under any circumstances, be refunded. I declare that I will abide by the school rules.I clearly understand, that it is the policy of the school to treat all children alike. I also understand that Parent`s application for registration on this form for possible admission confirms acceptance of the rules and regulations of the school, if and when admission is granted, including identifying the School authority against all accidents during the routine functioning of the school, including expedition, Socially Useful Productive Works,travel, Co-Curricular and extracurricular activities , games, outward bounds activities or any activity that the School Authorities prescribe for the students. I shall neither ask for nor any expect social privileges or concession for my son/daughter/ward. I understand that this application offers no assurances of a place in the School for my son/daughter/ ward.

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Admission Form

I agree that, should I default payment to the school for any reason , the amount outstanding Against me can be deducted from may pay /property without question.
I have read the school prospectus and I bind my self to confirm to the School Rules as amended From time to time, in all respects.
I hereby agree that even in the every of my son/ward being withdrawn during the course of the Year for whatever reason , the free as laid down by the Board will be paid by me.
I have also noted that if I decide to withdraw my son/ward at any stage without giving three Months advance notice of the withdrawal, I shall pay one extra term fee.
I will make sure that my child does not bring any gadget that is banned in the school.

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Health Form

It is essential that we have a complete and accurate medical record of each new entry . Will you please complete every item of this questionnaire and return it after having had it countersigned by a Register Medical Practitioner ? Chest X-Ray must be submitted at the time of admission.

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Application form for Job

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