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Evaluation takes into account the individual nature of every child and tries to give an adequate feedback. As the child progresses through the classes, the assessment is gradually modified to prepare him/her for external tests and competitive exams.

The following streams are for the students of XI and XII grades.

Science Stream:- Medical and Non-Medical stream English, Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Mathematics, SUPW, Physical Education/Punjabi.

Commerce Stream:- English, Business studies, Economics, SUPW, Punjabi, Physical Education/Mathematics.

From 6th Grade Onwards:- To consolidate the very base of a child science subject is taught as Physics, Biology and Chemistry social studies as History and Geography.

Inculcation of Moral Education is something that stays with students and of course, stands with them in every phase of their conduct.

The school focus on the learning using latest integrate technology. The studies provided raise the students in their lives to the level of prosperity and happiness.