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Principal's Message

We believe that Malwa School Giddarbaha provides right pedagogical experiences to our children so that they have the knowledge, skills and confidence to play a leading role in the society in future. We expect our students to become “Mentally Alert, Physically Strong and Morally right” with each passing day in the school. Our brilliant students have many opportunities to excel and also distinguish themselves in academics and a range of co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Students are provided with avenues to think, express, and achieve their full potential. Many well functioning clubs help the children to inculcate creative hobbies during the activity periods. We strongly believe that every child is a winner and must be cherished and nurtured with utmost gentleness and understanding. We are also convinced that each child is unique and must be given the opportunity to wonder, explore, think, create, express and bloom. At Malwa School Giddarbaha, children grow together in a world of joy and fun-filled learning. Together, they learn, share, face and fight the challenges and travails of childhood as they transit to adult years. Gradually they are equipped with knowledge and 21st century skills that will hold them in good stead all their lives even while they remain rooted in culture, heritage and values. We have one of the best infrastructures in order to enable us to conduct every possible scholastic & co scholastic activity and optimise learning. The school building is well planned and spacious enough to run school in an efficient manner. We are proud to have Smart Class rooms to maximise learning through multi sensory exposure, Computer lab to meet all IT related needs, Maths & Science Labs to experiment, explore and satisfy all scientific curiosities of students. Our teachers have been trained to deal effectively with changing times and to be absolutely up to date in every field and march a step ahead to see that they prepare the students to stand firmly on the global competitive platform. Faculty Improvement Programme is an ongoing activity wherein the teachers update and hone their teaching skills. Being a school with rich history and traditions we have a vibrant and well settled ‘Malwite Community’, who have passed out from the school. They all are our pride as well inspiration. I wish them luck and request them to stay in touch to their Alma Mater. I thank all the parents who have reposed their faith by handing over their most treasured possession to us.