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Message From the Chairman

Chairman's Message

Malwa School Giddarbaha which has been the dream project of my wife late Bibi Surinder Kaur, who always took a keen interest in such educational welfare ventures. She was highly passionate about spreading quality education in every nook and corner of the Malwa belt and this prestigious school is also an outcome of her relentless efforts spanning over nearly three decades to become one of the leading education institution of the region.

Malwa School Giddarbaha has been imparting quality education to the children of this region. It has created rich traditions and lofty ideals which are the hallmarks of any renowned school. The school has set high standards of respect for the integrity and individuality of every student, faculty and curriculum which inspires a lifelong vale based learning and an ethos which promotes sense of belongingness.

Imparting quality schooling to children is the need of the hour so as to enable them to compete with their counterparts across the globe. We are duty bound to impart value based education to the students for shaping their destiny on one hand and making them ideal citizens of the country on the other hand. None of any state, country or nation could progress without imparting quality education to its future generations and henceforth our government has sharply focussed on the dissemination of school, higher and technical education to steer the future of youth in a right perspective.

I heartily wish all the children, parents and staff members of Malwa School Giddarbaha to uphold the rich legacy and supreme glory of this great ‘Temple of learning’.

          - Jai Hind -

(Parkash Singh Badal)


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